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....Honestly, I haven't been entirely happy for a long time now.

All my assignments and homework from school are weighing down on me, I didn't get the grades I wanted in derived grade exams even though I did my best.....

And what's more, it seems like I've become absolutely horrible at replying to messages. I just hardly ever know what to say to people anymore!

I want to draw, I REALLY want to draw....but when I actually DO have the time, I don't have the energy or motivation! Plus, I feel like a total jerk for not getting to work on a certain gift....

But, please, know that....despite how busy I am, despite how shy I can be, despite how much I can seem as though I don't care.....

I do still care about you....all of you.....
  • Mood: Shame
  • Listening to: People talking in the library
  • Reading: This right now....
  • Watching: Probably might watch things on Youtube....maybe...
  • Playing: Not much time for that lately.....
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Oh....right.... *drinks some water*

H-hey, I'm not dead!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 4, 2014, 1:17 AM

Like the title says......

I know I've been inactive, and there's been drawings I wanted to give as gifts, but then real life got in the way, and I just got embarrassed because then they would have all been very late. Also, my motivation to draw has actually been very on-off lately, and I'm really sorry about that..... ;w;

Look, I dunno how things are gonna turn out right now. See, it's my last year of high school, so I wanna try to do my best so I can go to university. All these assignments are just making my motivation for art and (non-school related) writing drop, and my overall mood become kinda sour. :'(

But listen, I am still active on Tumblr (having the app on my phone helps a lot), so if you need to contact me, that's your best bet. As my deviantID says, my tumblr is dreamsofinaba. :aww:

May your day be filled with cuteness!
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  • Mood: Shame
  • Listening to: Some silly modelling show in the background. :/
  • Reading: Things on the this, for instance!
  • Watching: I wanna watch Kyoukai no Kanata....
  • Playing: I was playing Shuusou Gyoku.....
  • Eating: Gonna eat a chicken sandwich
  • Drinking: Hmmm, actually, some caramel tea would be nice!


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New Zealand
Note that some parts of this are still very out of date. I plan to update that info soon!

Current Residence: *points at "New Zealand"* -_-
Favourite style of art: Manga/Anime style
Operating System: A few different versions of Windows, mostly Vista for Touhou and stuff, and 7 for everything else.
Shell of choice: Conch I guess?
Wallpaper of choice: Ones that involve any of my favourite characters, basically.
Favourite cartoon character: Marceline the Vampire Queen
Favourite anime character: Mako Mankanshoku of Kill la Kill! :heart: :iconmakomankanshokuplz: :heart: (Sorry Clemont and Crona.....)
Personal Quote: ".....why this"

Eyyy, nice to meet ya! I usually go by Reni these days, but you can call me what you want (so long as you don't mean to offend)~

STAMP: Renko Usami by mobbostamps Renko Usami stamp by Zerebos Raiko Horikawa stamp by Nagae--Iku

Ryumako, Diodeshipping and Fukawada are basically my OTP trio, but I'm not about to hate on someone for shipping or not shipping a pairing. Everyone's got their own way of doing things, and I'd rather keep unnecessary fights with others to an minimum (preferably not at all, but eh, sometimes it doesn't work out that way.....)

Also, BE WARNED, I tend to run off somewhere for long periods of time if I get too stressed out. If and when that happens, head over to my tumblr if you need to contact me, it's dreamsofinaba (Don't worry if you don't have a tumblr account, just send an anon message and mention your DA username or nickname so I know who it is).

Rin Satsuki Stamp by KeroTohoFan

^Please, consider the Rin Satsuki....…

^My Twitter, but I'm not really active on there at the moment. ^^;

Regular Show Stamp: Ohhh Spin by Zenity
Crona Stamp by Miimichi here!

Nightmare Moon Fan Stamp by GeminiGirl83

DA Family:


:iconcosmoarceus777: The brother I could've had IRL, but didn't. ;w;

:iconparadisegardevoir: My perverted-yet-friendly Deoxys-loving brother. XD

:icondualer: H-hey, I can notice you too, okay?! :iconcutepoutplz: And sorry for being so inactive on DA!

:iconaiyfproductions: My cola-high big brother. :iconimhappyraveplz:


:iconnuiharime: ~uoıuO ʞɹɐdS ɹǝʇsɐW doɥƆ doɥƆ

Send me a note or comment if you want to be part of my DA Family, okay? ^^

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Favourite Phantasm Stage Boss Theme:…

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